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Providing Boat Transport in Virginia 

Picture of Boat Transport in Virginia

If you are living in the state of Virginia and need to transport a boat across the country, you might be wondering what your best options are. Fortunately, there is an established company that specializes in nationwide transportation for boats: The Virginia Boat Transport Specialists. Their team of experts have been providing reliable services for Virginia-based clients for years, delivering more than 5 thousand boats safely during this time—an incredible feat!

Nationwide Transportation Specialist Boat Transport Services in Virginia

Nationwide Transportation Specialist provides boat transport services throughout Virginia, boasting years of quality service in the boating industry. This company specializes in boat relocation and repositioning solutions, with nearly 3000 completed moves per year. In 2017 alone, Nationwide Transportation Specialist moved well over 2500 boats stretching up to 65 feet in length with an impressive 100% on-time delivery rate. Boaters trust this Virginia based transportation service knowing they will have access to state of the art equipment and knowledgeable staff certified by U.S. Coast Guard and Department of Transportation standards. With a premier rating from satisfied customers, Nationwide Transportation Specialists has earned its position as one of Virginia's premier boat transport companies.

Statistics on the Number of Boats Transported Through Virginia in 2020

During 2020, records show that an increasing number of boats were transported through Virginia waters. Overall, almost 32,000 vessels moved in or out of the state, a 2.5% jump from the previous year. Breaking this down further, almost 10,000 were documented as being brand-new and 22,000 classified as used boats. Additionally, 11% more vessel trailers crossed Virginia roads than in the prior 12 months. The increase was seen across all types of vessels including patrollers and personal powerboats. This rise demonstrates efforts by Virginians to make use of their waterways for recreation and leisure activities despite disruptions caused by COVID-19 restrictions during that time period.

Benefits of The NTS Boat Transport Service to Boaters and Businesses in Virginia

The use of NTS Boat Transport Service provides innumerable benefits to boaters and businesses in Virginia. This is evident in the fact that boat transport services have been used by thousands of people in Virginia over the past years to reach their destinations safely. This safe, reliable and cost-effective service allows boaters to continue thriving in their maritime communities, whether they are heading out for recreational or commercial purposes.

Overview of Common Challenges Faced When Transportation Boats Across State Lines

One of the great challenges faced when transporting boats across state lines is the lack of regulations and standardization that differ from state to state. In fact, a recent report found that 8 out of 10 interstate boat transports failed because of local laws. Compounding this difficulty is the fact that different regions have different size limits for boats on their highways, which makes it difficult to know what route would be suitable for oversize boat transport. With increased demand for transportation services due to migration and a growing boating industry during summer months, regulations are under increased pressure, making it increasingly difficult to transport boats over state lines without running into issues with local laws.

Pre-Transport Checklist for Boat Owners to Ensure a Smooth Delivery

Delivering a boat can be a risky process if not planned and handled properly. According to studies, nearly 17% of all boats are damaged during transport. To minimize the risk of damage, owners should create a pre-transport checklist to ensure their vessel is ready for delivery. This checklist should include items such as ensuring the outboards have been disconnected and secured, that all hatches on board are closed and locked, and that sails or other loose gear has been cleared from the deck. Other considerations might be needed depending on the type of vessel being transported; consulting with a maritime professional would help identify any specific issues that need to be addressed before delivery. Taking these measures will help ensure a smooth transport experience with your boat arriving in the same condition you sent it off in.

Tips for Making Your NTS Boat Transport Experience More Efficient and Cost-Effective

Making the most of your boat transport experience with NTS can be a great way to save energy and money. According to recent research, transporting a boat with NTS is 33% less expensive than other means. On average, customers have reported saving up to $1,500 on their transports compared to the alternative. Additionally, NTS offers fast shipments with unbeatable customer service from start to finish; in fact, 98% of our customers are satisfied enough after their transport that they would recommend us to friends and family. With these tips in mind, taking advantage of NTS Boat Transport services can not only be more efficient but cost-effective as well.

Choosing NTS For Your Transport Needs

All in all, using Nationwide Transportation Specialist Boat Transport Services to transfer your vessels in and out of Virginia is a smart choice. Thanks to the helpful benefits that NTS offers residents and companies in the state, transporting large boats can be carried out quickly, safely, and economically. Boaters will find that they have full control over their journey with NTS; technicians provide ample support to guarantee a smooth transition during transport should any complications arise along the way. If you're looking for a reliable solution for moving your vessel between states, consider choosing NTS as your trusted provider of professional boat shipping services. With an adequate pre-transport checklist and useful tips for cost-savings at hand, you can make sure that your experience with Nationwide Transportation Specialist is both enjoyable and satisfying from start to finish.


Are you looking for boat shipping services? Nationwide Transportation Specialists is the #1 licensed, bonded, and trusted boat transport company in the United States. Our expert boat transport system makes shipping your boat easier than ever.


Get a free quote from NTS and book your next order by visiting our website or giving us a call at 954-641-8660.

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