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Providing Boat Transport

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When you need to move your boat, there are a few important things to keep in mind. Transporting your boat is no small task, and it requires careful planning and preparation. Doing so will ensure that the transport is done safely and efficiently.


There are several benefits to transporting your boat rather than doing it yourself. First, transport companies have specialized knowledge when it comes to safely hauling boats from one place to another. They also provide specialized equipment such as heavy-duty trailers designed specifically for hauling boats and yachts. This ensures that your boat will be transported securely and without any damage.


Second, if you hire a professional transport company, they can handle all of the paperwork required for interstate travel or international borders crossings – something that can be difficult to do on your own. Finally, using a professional service means that you don’t have to worry about the wear and tear on your vehicle from long-distance driving or dealing with traffic congestion during peak times.

Preparing Boat for Transport

Preparing for boat transport requires consideration of several important factors. Size is one of the most essential components to consider, as the dimensions must meet both the marina requirements and any regulations put in place by land-based transport services. In certain cases, a professional surveyor might need to be consulted in order to ensure that the boat's size is suitable. Make sure that all necessary documents are obtained beforehand, including insurance coverage forms and any title or registration paperwork. A thorough prep process should include cleaning and deodorizing your vessel, emptying its wastewater tanks, disconnecting batteries and anything else that might require special attention prior to shipping. Attention to detail during these steps is key; without it you may be subject to unexpected costs or other delays along the way.

Checklist To Guarantee Smooth Transport

Establishing a solid checklist before transporting your boat can help ensure that your journey will be safe and trouble-free. It is important to secure all loose gear, such as sails, ropes, life jackets, and cleaning supplies. Additionally, it is crucial to make sure that all tanks are drained of fuel and/or water so that no spills occur during transport. This also applies to anchors--it's best practice to have any on-board anchors fully removed from the boat before transporting. Canvas covers should also be removed to prevent the fabric from catching on fasteners or debris during transport. Taking care of these basics ahead of time will increase the likelihood of having a successful and enjoyable voyage with your vessel.

Proper Care Requirements

Whether it’s a short-distance journey or a long voyage, when transporting a boat, proper care must be taken to protect the vessel and its contents. Shrink wrap is effective in helping keep water off your boat and may need to be removed or repaired during transit, while all hatches should be firmly taped shut and windows latched tight. Doing this will give you peace of mind that your boat and whatever is inside will arrive safely at its destination. With minimal effort, you can prevent expensive damage to not only your boat but also your cargo.

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