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Providing Boat Transport in Texas 

Boat Transport Service Located in Houston Texas

Professional boat transport service can ensure that your vessel arrives safely and on time. In Texas, there are several experienced companies that offer reliable boat transport services at reasonable prices. Nationwide Transportation Specialists offers boat owners the most affordable boat transport prices with the best customer service.

Why Choose Nationwide Transportation Specialists for Boat Transport

Nationwide Transportation Specialists is the clear choice for boat transport. Our experienced drivers have decades of experience in the industry, and understand the nuances of preparing boats for transport both locally and long distance. We make sure your boat has the protection it needs to reach its destination safely. We also provide tracking services that keep you informed throughout the entire transportation process, so you are always aware of where your boat is located. Making use of professional-grade hauling trailers and decades of experience transporting boats, our customers trust us with their valuable vessels and know that their boats will arrive quickly, as expected - all at an affordable price.

Describe the Process of Professional Boat Transport Service

Professional boat transport service is a great way to safely and efficiently move your boat to anywhere in the world. The process begins with selecting an experienced and knowledgeable service provider. Customer service will walk you through the entire process for your specific needs: discussing the best route, assessing paperwork needed to transport the vessel, and ensuring insurance requirements are met. Next, you must determine whether transport of the boat requires land transportation via truck or rail, loaded onto a boat carrier vessel. Professional boat transporters are equipped to provide all options depending on location and size of the water craft involved.

List the Benefits of Using a Professional Boat Transport Service

Using a professional boat transport service can provide many desirable benefits and help protect your vessel during its journey. Not only will a professional have the right equipment and expertise to safely move your boat, but they also know how to navigate highways and waterways for an efficient delivery. Hiring a transportation provider gives you the peace of mind knowing that your boat will not get bumped or scratched during the travel process. You don't have to worry about any cars or trucks breaking down or running out of fuel during their trip. Professional boat transport services also often feature "door-to-door" service and insurance, ensuring that your asset is fully protected in case of any unexpected issues along the way.

Nationwide Transportation Specialist Offers a Discount for first-time customers

Nationwide Transportation is proud to be offering a unique discount for all first-time customers! As a specialist in transportation, we understand the needs of our clients and are dedicated to providing top-notch service at an affordable price. Get on board and take advantage of our limited-time discount offer today!

Oversize Boat Transport Laws in Texas

In Texas a boat is considered oversize when it exceeds 8.6 feet wide and 13.6 feet tall when loaded. General operating hours for oversized boats are sunrise to sunset. Texas also requires a pilot car if the boat exceeds 14 feet wide/ tall.


Illegally transporting a boat in Texas can can serious legal issues and massive fines. Nationwide Transportation Specialists has obtained all the correct permits. We are also licensed, insured, and bonded on any transport we execute.


For more information please visit DOT official Texas boat regulations.


Boat Transport Pricing Calculator

For a free instant quote and pricing out your boat transport please visit our boat shipping calculator. Our customer service representatives are always available for assistance.

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