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The Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Always Use an Auto Transport Company to Get Your Car to Florida

1. Hired Personal Drivers Means Liability

There are people who choose to hire someone to drive their car to a destination they are going to rather than utilize a transport company. Unfortunately, there are many reasons that may not be the best idea. First, one must make sure that their personal auto insurance will extend coverage to the individual they hire. The insurance company would need to verify that the car insurance would provide coverage for permissive non listed drivers. However, if the driver is hurt while driving the vehicle down and files a worker’s comp claim because he was hired, the owner of the vehicle would responsible for injuries and loss of income. Not Good.

2. Insurance Exists

Ok, so let try it another way. Let’s say you can obtain coverage such as General Liability and hired non owned auto liability coverage with hired physical damage coverage sufficient to cover the vehicle should it be wrecked. There is still an issue if the hired driver is injured and not covered by workers comp due to an accident due to faulty maintenance or a roadside injury. In addition, your driver would need to name owner of vehicle as additional insured with waiver of subrogation and provide a certificate before you would ever turn over the keys to vehicle. A little better than option 1 but still not good due to costs of additional insurance and liability.

3. There is HUGE risk

We’ll even try it a third way. You obtain coverage from the Driver showing commercial auto coverage with coverage for hired non owned auto with hired non owned physical damage naming insured as additional insured with waiver of subrogation and workers compensation coverage with waiver of subrogation in favor of the vehicle owner. Better option than 1 or 2 (but still not bullet proof) and good luck with that.

All of this is to say that you’re much better hiring a licensed, bonded, and insured transportation broker such as Nationwide Transportation Specialists, LLC to transport your vehicle, giving you peace of mind, and allowing a licensed and insured truck driver with the proper coverage to haul the vehicle to its destination and avoid the risk of an uncovered loss. BEST OPTION!!!!

Shipping a vehicle?

Whether you’re trying to transport one of the luxurious vehicles listed here, or trying to ship your normal every day car, you’ll want to use Nationwide Transportation Specialists. If you need to transport your vehicle to a specific destination, a vehicle transport company can help. Make sure your vehicle is in good hands by selecting a reputable and experienced company.

Are you ready to ship your car? Nationwide Transportation Specialists is here to cover all your transportation needs. If you are looking for a reliable transportation company that offers open trailer shipping, enclosed trailer shipping, and door to door shipping. NTS is here to ensure a safe delivery.


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